Hoppi Dry Wipes 100s


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Hoppi™ Premium Dry Wipes is a multipurpose dry wipes specially designed for the baby and moms. It is for both wet & dry use comes with ultra soft & thick as it was made with plant-based fabric.

What’s in the bundle ?
1 pack x Premium Dry Wipes 100’s = 100’s 
3 packs x Premium Dry Wipes 100’s = 300


  1. For Wet & Dry Use  

    Add water for a natural & chemical-free wet wipes 

  2. Super Versatile: For Moms & Baby  

    Remove makeup/Cleaning up spills. Baby’s head to toe cleaning/ Clean other daily items. 

  3. Natural Plant-Based Fabric  

    For absolute softness. Perfect on your delicate skin. 

  4. Double-Sided Pattern  

    Side A: Plain, Ultra Soft, Minimal friction. Side B: Concave-Convex EF Prints, Easier to clean. 

  5. No.1 Usage as Facial Towel to Clean and more hygienic alternative  
  6. Natural Plant-Based Fabric for absolute softness. Perfect on your delicate skin  
  7. Superb Absorbency  
  8. NO Fluorescence, Hypoallergenic  
  9. Cloth-Like, Multipurpose Use  
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